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Masterton, Wairarapa, Aotearoa  

Alcohol & Other Drug Support Services

To deliver Kaupapa Maori Alcohol and Drug Counselling and Education.

This includes Assessments, Court Reports, 1-1 Counselling, Whanau Support and Advocacy.

If one of the following scenarios fits your situation or you want information or support with a related issue, then why not contact us...

Scenario 1

Parents are you worried about your teenager going out in the weekend and coming home wasted.

Or has your teenagers behaviour changed because of their alcohol and or drug use. You want help then click here.

Scenario 2

Are you lonely, finding that your stress levels have increased. Or the woes of the world are piling in on you and because of this you are drinking alcohol more than you use to. Need someone to talk too.. then contact us now for support.

Scenario 3

Sick and tired of being one of the gang. Don’t want to do drugs and alcohol anymore.. we can help support your decision.. to talk with us about this then click here.

Scenario 4

Has a recent loss of someone close to you caused you to look for ways of escape through drinking or drugging? You want out. Then click here to speak with us about support for this process.


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